The Evolution of Rustic Retrievals…..

Rustic = simple, homey, austere, picturesque, pastoral, primitive

Retrieve = reclaim, restore, salvage, rescue, recapture (and of course, my Labrador Retriever, Charlie)

How do we get back to a life of simplicity, where we feel restored and can reclaim & restore ourselves? We seem to have lost our sense of self and where better to recapture this but at home….our sanctuary from the world around us.

Sometimes we need to look back in order to step forward. We need to reflect on those things that have brought us happiness, contentedness but most importantly, have helped form who we are today. If we can focus on and be aware of those ‘things’, whether they be actions, events, environments etc, we can continue to progress forward with a plan in mind to translate these feelings inside the walls of your home. Or, we can also capture these moments via photography for you to have in a retrievable form, to bring that smile to your face as you recall the memories made that day on the beach, in the forest or in the mountains.

I look back to growing up in the countryside and how it allowed me to be holistically complete and content in my mind, body and maison. The activities, the surroundings, the objects, the feelings….

We’ve all evolved from different environments, but you need to really focus on aspects of these environments that allowed you to feel the most like yourself and in turn, let me help you translate these into your home and/or I can work with you to seize these moments on film to have forever and display in your home to let you….

come home to yourself…