Current Vibe...


I have to remind myself sometimes that restoring and reinventing isn’t just for furniture or an old home…it’s for me too!

I took a look back and realized that my last post was June 2018…and… I only posted once last year… :(

I truly can’t believe that, especially knowing how much I enjoy writing and sharing my photography. Speaking of photography, I was looking back through photos since June and it became apparent quite quickly how I’ve had very little time to sit down and put a post together and here are just a few reasons:

  • One horse that became two after rescuing a beautiful soul in December.

  • An amazingly beautiful wedding in November and I now have a sister.

  • Bachelorette weekend, cottage weekends/vacations, work travel.

  • Work.

  • A bathroom renovation.

  • A Winter Christmas Market showcasing my photography.

  • Many scrumptious dinners and nights out with family and friends.

  • A university course.

  • Celebrating new chapters for friends (moving, babies etc).

  • Wine and sunsets.

  • House hunting/sitting.

The list could go on and on….

Through all of this, as much as I love working hard, moving at a mile a minute, the so many amazing events, days, moments of the past 6-9 months, I had started to feel a bit foggy…physically, emotionally….

Life was/is great but I was running low on my reserves and it was time for some restoration.

I looked at pictures of myself and asked, ‘where did that extra 15lbs come from?’, ‘do I really look that tired?’. I had some time off around the holidays and it was time to do some real soul searching. Life was getting the best of me and it was time to change the vibe…to start feeling like the energetic, full-of-life version of me again!

Again, life is allll good…I have/had zero complaints, but, I’d somehow lost track of what truly mattered….lost that feeling of taking care of me by putting myself on autopilot. I’d lost the drive or ambition to reinvent myself and was in a bit of a rut. When I start to lose that drive, when people actually comment that I’m not smiling as much as I usually do, I know it’s time to take a step back. I just needed to slow down, re-focus and then sit down, re-prioritize, plan and figure out what I needed to do to lift this fog.

Reinvention can seem to be a very ‘large word’….to have huge meaning. It may mean to some that an enormous transformation must occur and you become an entirely different version of you than before. For me, it means a better version, not a holistically different version.

So…..for 2019 I’ve been doing my best to say no more often (which is incredibly difficult for me), stay in, shift gears and be present. I’m back at the gym (almost back to pushing my university weights), I’m walking more, drinking more water, I’m eating better and I just signed up for a 5k….yes, you read that right. Talk about shifting gears!

None of these have been monumental changes by any means. If anything, the re-prioritizing of things like writing this post to help me be more aware and present or simply adding at least 30 minutes of activity to my day has helped to clear my mind for so many reasons. I get outside or go to the gym, I listen to a great podcast (Tim Ferriss is one of my favs!) and that time is truly for me. Now, the 5k is something totally new…have I mentioned i really, reallllly don’t like running. After years of figure skating I have these ‘friends’ called shin splints that can rear their ugly head at times. But…I wanted to stretch myself a bit…try something different. Signing up for the 5K will make me stay focused and be present. And…the good news is….my ‘friends’ haven’t made an appearance (knock on wood).

As I’m writing this, I look down at my tattoo that says, “Keep Calm and Believe”. Keeping calm through the rollercoaster that is life truly is a super power and believing in ones self is the fuel to keep moving forward on that rollercoaster, to allow yourself to shift gears because you know in your heart of hearts that a shift is necessary. That phrase has helped me to ground myself more times then I can recall…and has helped bring me back around to my current vibe….one where I truly do feel so much more focused, present and incredible!! I can do it, I deserve it and I will get it!