A Decade of Style, Inspiration and Blushy Goodness!

It takes someone extremely special to create, build and progress a business over 10 years....a decade! 

Michele, the creative genius behind Blush has done just that! 

Happy 10th Birthday Blush

Michele has impeccable style and more importantly, she knows the style of her customers/clients inside and out. With every new item that comes through the door of her shop, women flock to the boutique to see, try on and purchase the stunning pieces that Michele has brought into her 'pink bubble'. Each piece is unique, timeless and a true wardrobe staple. I know I will open my closet 10 years from now and still have my oh so cozy grey wide-striped sweater and a gorgeous black wool purse (along with many other items).

In addition to the impeccable style and class that Michele exudes, she is also an inspiration to women through her exquisite and thoughtful creations that can be found around her home and shop. Literally everything she touches becomes a thing of beauty.....from her merchandising (which is absolutely brilliant) to her home gallery wall. If you follow her on Instagram (and I highly recommend you do!) you know exactly what I'm talking about when I say that the moments and vignettes that she captures, implore and inspire you to "Blush-Up" your life.... to embrace who you are, surround yourself with who and what you love, feel comfortable in your own skin and of course, approach your day/life with your own sense of style.

What better way to celebrate 10 years of creating one's sense of style and an uber successful business than with a party?! I think Michele was also a party planner in another life because wow, does she ever know how to throw a fantastically stylish and fun bash!

The attention to detail was second to none.....the mason jar cupcakes were scrumptious....the new fashions for Fall were impeccable....and most importantly, the ladies in attendance had a chance to celebrate the wonderful woman who has brought us 10 years of style, inspiration and lovely goodies!

Speaking of lovely goodies....we all left with a bouquet party favour....yet another example of how Michele makes us feel special through her creative gestures!

Cheers to 10 years of Blush and I can't wait to see what the next 10 years has in store!