Time For A Refresh - Part One


Every 5 years or so I get the urge for a major change and seeing that I celebrated 6 years in my City Cottage this year, it was time for change. Do I sell? I really didn't want to as I love my home, my neighbours, my neighbourhood etc so that really wasn't an option. I looked around my living/dining room and with the help of some inspiration from the Instagram account of @the_girl_with_the_green_sofa (you must have a look), I decided it was time to refresh my living space. Wait until you see the before and after!!!


So, I sold my furniture (my sideboard that has been with me for almost 10 years was the hardest piece to part with), decided on a paint colour for the walls, found the perfect 'jumping off piece' (a sideboard from Simply Cottage) and off I went!


The patina on this piece pulled me in from the moment I saw it on their Instagram feed (yes, I bought this piece sight unseen). A huge 'thank you' to my incredible friends that brought this home for me....it's absolutely what I had hoped for and more!

I had painted test canvases to help decide on what paint colour I wanted to move forward with.....I went with Ink Black by Behr at Home Depot. It went on incredibly well and as much as I enjoy painting, I'm pretty slow, so the fact that it went on so well and evenly, let me finish the project in a day!


So I cleared away the furniture I had remaining in the space, taped off the walls, got out my drop sheets and roller and off I went.... 

From the first swipe of colour on the wall, I knew I had made the right decision and by the time I moved to the second wall, I was in LOVE!!!


The paint had barely dried and I had to pull this vignette together on the sideboard. It came together so easily and my jaw was on the floor with how absolutely perfect it was! It was more than I had ever hoped for!

Living in a small space, I had been worried that painting 2 walls a darker colour could close the space in....but....my worries were easily appeased and my home instantly felt even more like me! Every time I walk in my front door, a huge smile comes across my face, knowing that I get to call this space home.

Welcome to my new space and stay tuned to see what I have done in the living space to continue to make my city cottage my home!


Get Minted!

I was scrolling through the over 7000 photos on my iPhone (apparently, I need to do some purging) when I decided to put my photos to use and make my own Christmas Cards this year.

I looked at many different options and websites and kept going back to Minted. I then received an email from Blogpodium about Minted and it seemed like fate....it was time to get creative! 

One thing that really drew me to Minted was the fact that it is a design marketplace for independent artists from around the globe. You can not only formulate your own Holiday creations on their site using the templates of these independent artists, but you can also purchase amazing prints/pieces to decorate your home too!


I sat in front of the computer for almost 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon, designing and putting together option after option for my Christmas Cards. I couldn't get over how user friendly the site was to navigate! It was so much fun to decide on what colours to use, square or rounded corners, foil or no foil, single shot vs multi photos, colour vs black and white, white or kraft paper envelopes.....I literally could have made/ordered 25 different cards!


This was one of my photos that I experimented with in a template by Leah Bisch. It was one of my favourites.....but......maybe I'll use it next year ;)

After much deliberation, review by my QA team (ie. my Mom and Charlie), I finalized my design, hit 'order' and my confirmation email was in my Inbox. The next day, I received confirmation my order had shipped and by Wednesday (only 3 days later!!), they arrived, much to my excitement!

As I opened the box, it felt like an early Christmas gift! The high-quality paper and printing was beyond my expectations! Minted's Signature paper is thick and luxurious with a creamy cotton texture, and has been optimized for photo printing. 


I was browsing the Minted Instagram page shortly after I had placed my order and quickly realized that my final design was 'right on trend'.

As per #MintedHolidayTrends, my choice to use black and white photos is a 'modern trend with an edgier vibe' and I couldn't agree more! While my cards still have a rustic feel, there is also that modern vibe through the use of B&W photos.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

I can't yet share my final design as I have only began to start delivering my cards to friends and family this weekend, but check back soon to see my final work of art! Why don't you get creative this holiday season and design/make your own cards too?!

 I want to say a HUGE thank you to Minted for an absolutely wonderful experience, start to finish! I can't wait to get started on my next project....

Stay tuned!!!..............................