Time For A Refresh - Part Two


My last blog post took you through the first steps of my living/dining area refresh. 

From painting the walls in Ink Black from Home Depot, to my gorgeous antique sideboard from Simply Cottage in Bracebridge, the room was taking shape quickly!

A part of the refresh also meant a new couch was in order too. I had originally had my heart set on a camel leather option but after much searching and researching, I came to a sad conclusion. Living in a small cottage has its limits and whoever designed the entryway of my home obviously did not have the idea of moving furniture in mind when they built it. I am limited to the size of furniture I can bring in both my front and side door (sadly) and I could not find a couch of the leather colour and type I wanted that was small enough and I was not about to spend thousands on a custom leather piece either. Soooo......I found a very, very happy replacement with the help of the amazing gals at Urban Barn in Cambridge. We had paint samples, fabrics and accessories strewn around the back corner of the store as we decided on fabric for a custom piece for my home. I was also in the market for a new rug too and they happened to have THE perfect one that would still allow me to bring leather into my space, just in a different avenue.


After much contemplation, re-checking measurements and trying out the 'comfie' factor, I decided on the Lure Custom Sofa in a lux, cozy fabric option. I cannot say enough about how wonderful the staff at the Cambridge store were and how the entire experience of choosing, ordering and delivery have been nothing but impeccable! Another aspect that I am really happy about is that my couch is Canadian made (and Urban Barn is a Canadian company). It feels good to know I'm supporting our economy through my choices and receiving a high quality, beautiful end product.


The day of delivery arrived (to say I was excited is an absolute understatement) and the photo above was taken literally two minutes after the pieces were placed in my living room (the delivery experience was fantastic and the guys took impeccable care of the pieces as they entered the house through tight constraints!). I mayyyy have let out a wee squeal of happiness to see the pieces in place and I spent the duration of the afternoon pulling the space together.


I went with the cozy grey velvet-esque fabric to add warmth to the space and tie to the faux bois fabric in the chairs/coffee table. The leather 'rag rug' has hints of camel, grey and turquoise to tie in the sideboard and bring some light into the space. My 'forever' pieces from Willowhouse still look amazing in the space (my coffee table and sofa table on my gallery wall behind the chairs) and I just couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear as I witnessed everything coming together.


With the key pieces in place, it was then time to add in just a few more accessories, but mainly, throw pillows! I had looked high and low and had an idea of what I was looking for and to say I was overjoyed when I found the perfect options at Comfort & Co in downtown Guelph would be an understatement. Wendy and I had fun mixing and matching the many fabtastic options she had in store and I ended up taking home 4 pillows that exude comfort, coziness and bring their own story to the space through their texture and tones. These two in the photos above have helped transform this corner of the couch/living room and the faux fur options in the photos below have added a sense of lux coziness that only 'fur' can add to a space.


My home is transforming every day to be even more 'me' and I couldn't be happier! I cannot say 'thank you' enough to those involved in assisting in this transformation, from friends and family who I bounced ideas off of and helped move things around, to the companies I worked with the bring these beautiful new pieces/colours into my home. I couldn't have done this without:

- Home Depot, Guelph

- Simply Cottage, Bracebridge

- Urban Barn, Cambridge

- Comfort & Co, Guelph

Stay tuned for further updates and I can't wait to show you the dining table that will be the final piece to bring this space together.... I hope you've enjoyed the journey through my design/decor adventure as much as I have!


Time For A Refresh - Part One


Every 5 years or so I get the urge for a major change and seeing that I celebrated 6 years in my City Cottage this year, it was time for change. Do I sell? I really didn't want to as I love my home, my neighbours, my neighbourhood etc so that really wasn't an option. I looked around my living/dining room and with the help of some inspiration from the Instagram account of @the_girl_with_the_green_sofa (you must have a look), I decided it was time to refresh my living space. Wait until you see the before and after!!!


So, I sold my furniture (my sideboard that has been with me for almost 10 years was the hardest piece to part with), decided on a paint colour for the walls, found the perfect 'jumping off piece' (a sideboard from Simply Cottage) and off I went!


The patina on this piece pulled me in from the moment I saw it on their Instagram feed (yes, I bought this piece sight unseen). A huge 'thank you' to my incredible friends that brought this home for me....it's absolutely what I had hoped for and more!

I had painted test canvases to help decide on what paint colour I wanted to move forward with.....I went with Ink Black by Behr at Home Depot. It went on incredibly well and as much as I enjoy painting, I'm pretty slow, so the fact that it went on so well and evenly, let me finish the project in a day!


So I cleared away the furniture I had remaining in the space, taped off the walls, got out my drop sheets and roller and off I went.... 

From the first swipe of colour on the wall, I knew I had made the right decision and by the time I moved to the second wall, I was in LOVE!!!


The paint had barely dried and I had to pull this vignette together on the sideboard. It came together so easily and my jaw was on the floor with how absolutely perfect it was! It was more than I had ever hoped for!

Living in a small space, I had been worried that painting 2 walls a darker colour could close the space in....but....my worries were easily appeased and my home instantly felt even more like me! Every time I walk in my front door, a huge smile comes across my face, knowing that I get to call this space home.

Welcome to my new space and stay tuned to see what I have done in the living space to continue to make my city cottage my home!


The Wonderful Willow House


The power of social media and a strong network of amazing local women never ceases to amaze me!

I follow Willow House Furnishings and Design Studio on Instagram and Facebook and have fallen in love with this store through their photos and posts. Not only is their store absolutely stunning, but so is the store's founder and proprietor, Kim! It's funny how you can 'click' with people over social media and then when you have a chance to meet them in person, that 'click' becomes even more amplified. 

A few weeks ago Willow House posted that they'd be hosting a Trends in Fabric event featuring Avant Garde fabrics and I immediately RSVP'd for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I really wanted to finally meet Kim and see the beautiful store/business she'd built over the past 20 years, but I also have a 'thing' for exquisite fabrics. Looking through fabric books, feeling the various textures and weaves, seeing the mix of tones and colours and seeing how a variety of prints with work together is something I could do for hours on end.

I intentionally arrived early to the event so I had time to immerse myself in the shoppe but also so I could have a good chat with Kim. Kim's smile and magnetic personality fills the store and adds another level of amazingness to her already beautifully curated space.

As you can see from the photos, it's the kind of space that implores you to want to re-decorate, to 'spruce up' your home and make it your own through their beautiful one-of-a-kind, rustic-lux pieces. I literally could have taken home entire vignettes just as they were as they'd been styled so perfectly by Kim and her wonderful staff. I did take one piece home with me....but I'll show you that a little later in this post.

Over 40 stylish and design savvy women filled Willow House's Design Studio for the Avant Garde presentation. I'm planning on re-doing my dining chairs as well as window coverings in two of my rooms, so needless to say, I was uber inspired by all of the luxurious fabrics we were shown. It sure sounds like grey is here to stay (YEAH!) and I was so glad to see it being reinforced that it really is the 'new neutral' that works with almost every colour. The jewel tone blues and greens, the burnt oranges, the sunshine and butter yellows...the combinations are endless. I fell in love with the velvets (I'm leaning towards using velvet for my dining chairs to add texture and interest and wee bit of luxury to my space) and will likely use the chairs as a venue to introduce some colour into the space. I always have a soft spot for linens and we were told that they're now even more suitable as window covering due to the dyes that are now being used to prevent sun damage (double yeah as I am planning on using a linen based fabric for my window coverings). 

The photo above shows one of my favourite fabrics of the night.....the multi tones of grey with a touch of cream and white, the stripes to add interest, how beautifully it hung...I just loved it!

After the presentation, we were treated to some scrumptious cheeses by C'est Cheese Please ...... 

I was in heaven!....Two of my favourite things in one space... Home Decor and Cheese. Thank you too to C'est Cheese Please for the bag of goodies we got to take home!

Thank you to   Justyna Sokolowski   for taking this photo!

Thank you to Justyna Sokolowski for taking this photo!

And here we are....Kim and I chatting like old friends. To say she's one stylish lady is the understatement of the year! I'm really looking forward to growing this new friendship and to also work with her to continue to make my house my home and freshen up my space.

When I walked into the store, a certain piece immediately caught my eye. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know about my love of horses. These creatures have brought so much happiness to my life and I love how you can truly see their souls through their eyes.....

So after walking by this piece at least 15 times...stopping...looking...being drawn in.....I knew it had to come home with me....and I'm SOOO glad it did!

I woke up and walked out to my living room yesterday morning and seeing this immediately brought a smile to my face. Yet another step in making my house truly my home.

I need to extend a huge "Thank you" again to Kim and all of those involved in making the Trends in Fabric event happen. It was such a great evening for many reasons and I can't wait to get back to Willow House!!