Dream Big!

My Mom and I went to the Aberfoyle Market for Mother's Day.

It was a chilly May day and as we wandered through the wide variety of vendors, we entered one stall and this piece caught my eye.

Of course almost anything horse/equine related draws me in, but there was just something about this brooch that pulled me over to it.

I picked it up and took it over to pay for it and the woman who was selling it let me know that there was a story behind this piece that she just recently was told. Intrigued, I inquired and of course, she obliged.

She went on to tell me that the artisan who made the piece had stopped by and told her that the horse at the bottom is actually a statue of a horse and that the horses above him are the horses he dreams of every night, hoping to be them one day...real, live horses that could gallop across paddocks and feel the wind run through their mane.

I had already thought this was a beautiful piece, but knowing the story behind it just added to the beauty. I absolutely love the sentiment behind it and it now has a place on my nightstand to remind me to dream big, no matter what!

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