So Long Summer......


So where the heck has Summer gone?!?! 

I can't believe it's already September and when I look back at the last few months, I realize how jam packed with fun and great times they were and I'm so very grateful. I'll take you on a photo journey of the Summer of 2017 and all that it held for me, my family and friends.


I ate some fantastic meals with some wonderful people this Summer. There was a point where I ate at the Bread Bar in Guelph 3 times in a week and a half! One of my favourite ways to spend an evening is with friends, surrounded by great food and drink!


Not only did I have great meals with friends, I had great times with friends! One of those oh so memorable days was the Queen's Plate at Woodbine in Toronto with some pretty incredible women!!


Making memories with friends doesn't just happen in restaurants and sports venues, it can also occur in our own backyards! Whether its under a pergola on the deck of my friend's 100 year old home or on a bouncy castle in the yard of a friend who has held her summer bash for 20 years, thinking back on these times bring a huge smile to my face!


Then there's Saturday mornings at the Farmer's Market (and Balzac's). I didn't get there as often as I would have liked to, though I did find other Markets this summer as well, it was always a great way to kick off the weekend!


I've done a lot of walking this summer (sometimes on my own, sometimes with a friend) and I've been able to truly enjoy the city that I call home. I've watched the gardens transform over the months and as always, admire the beautiful homes/architecture this city has to offer.


My happy place.....the back deck of my city cottage. Some great stories, laughter and memories were made here this summer. I even fell asleep a few evenings under the stars and the canopy of the trees. It truly is my escape in the ity


One thing that illustrates to me that the Summer truly got away from me, is the fact that I really only got to the lake once.....yes, only once....and only for a few hours. There was no cottage this year, no swimming in Lake Huron, but, that's ok....there's still September and I enjoy time at the lake just as much (if not even more) now....


I spent a lot of time with this big guy this summer (isn't he handsome?!) and finally got my photo of him, 'Look Me In The Eye", printed on canvas! If you'd like your own, have a look in my website shop!


Even though there are around 20 days of Summer left, Labour Day Weekend always feels like the unofficial end to Summer...the sunset of summertime :(

I hope you've all had the Summer that you were hoping for and had the chance to make as many wonderful memories as I did (and am very grateful for). Cheers and so long to the Summer of 2017!


A Weekend in the Country...

photo 1 (29).JPG

I escaped to the country over the long weekend ... A weekend for family, being outside and welcoming Spring with outstretched arms!

As you can see in the photo above however, Winter was still lingering, but that did not deter Charlie from a swim in the pond. Every patch of snow he could find, he rolled in like there was no tomorrow. This time of year seems to be filled with thousands of new smells, at least from Charlie's perspective, and he stopped every few steps to take them allllll in!

I love to get outside this time of year (well anytime of year really) and take in all of the 'new'....the Spring flowers poking through the thawing soil, the birds that have returned form their winters in the south are chirping up a storm, the buds on the trees ready to pop open, where the sun is now rising and setting....It is an exciting time of year that reminds us of all of the potential that surrounds us!!

I also find it's a good time of year to we start a new season, I also take the time to relax and look back on the events that have occurred the last few months....and also find myself perplexed as to how fast time seems to be flying by!

Our evening walk greeted us with this....

Our evening walk greeted us with this....

A sunny corner to curl up in, relax and reflect....

A sunny corner to curl up in, relax and reflect....

So fresh and bright...a true sign that Spring is right around the corner!

So fresh and bright...a true sign that Spring is right around the corner!

We aren't really a dessert family (I would rather have my cupcake/dessert for breakfast it would seem OR we have our 2am kitchen parties when we then feel the need to have our dessert), but how can you resist a Strawberry Shortcake!?

We aren't really a dessert family (I would rather have my cupcake/dessert for breakfast it would seem OR we have our 2am kitchen parties when we then feel the need to have our dessert), but how can you resist a Strawberry Shortcake!?

Another activity I realllllly enjoy this time of year is getting a jump start on the outdoor living time to head to the local Garden Centre!!! My Mom and I (after getting my snow tires taken off), headed to one of my favourite landscaping supply stores just outside of Walkerton called Folmer Gardens.

I would have needed about 5 patios/decks and 5 acres for all of the furniture, urns, flowers and decor pieces I wanted to bring home with me, but in the end we decided on some hearty spring flowers to freshen up the planters/urns. I also got some flowers and new urns for my patio (more to come on those...let's just say, they're definitely going to add a "pop" to my back yard!  *wink wink*).

The photo above is the finished product of my parent's from porch....pansies, lanterns, willow branches (that I cut from their willow tree) and a handsome chocolate furry pooch (he just loves posing for pictures).

So....this was just Friday and Saturday of the long weekend.....stay tuned for the events of living a Bucolic Lifestyle on Sunday and Monday in an upcoming post!




  1. of or relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life.

    "the stone house is lovely for its bucolic setting"



Around My House...My Home...

photo 2 (16).JPG

My home is my sanctuary....My cottage in the city.......

My 9-5 career has me travelling quite a bit (which I love), but I also love getting home, putting my feet up, making myself a latte with my Nespresso, cozying up on the couch under a blanket and taking some time for me, looking through my new magazines that have arrived that week. I subscribe to quite a few mags (my guilty pleasure) and every time I come home to a new one in my mailbox, I can't wait to get inside and start flipping through it!

photo 4 (14).JPG

As I'm sitting on my couch, I look into my kitchen and on those weekend mornings as the sun is coming up (during the week, I'm generally out of the house before the sun is up) the light that pours into my home is magical!

photo 1 (19).JPG

I also like to surround myself with fresh flowers and greenery.....They add a sense of beauty and bring the outdoors in! Whether they are on my buffet, the coffee table or my bedside table, I always have them in my home.

photo 1 (18).JPG
photo 2 (17).JPG

But ... my house would not be a home without this guy..... my Charlie Bear! He turned 9 this past week and if there's anything that makes me feel the best about coming home, it's him!