Tea & Warm Socks

This chilly weather has had me curled up with a pile of blankets in my cozy socks and consuming what feels like gallons of hot bevies. 

I'm a coffee gal most days, but I also enjoy a good cup of tea! My Mom had gotten me these gorgeous gold lip print tea cups earlier in 2013 and I fell in love with them! 

photo 2 (5).JPG

Then, to my absolute and oh so very happy surprise.....this was wrapped up for me under the Christmas tree!

photo 4 (4).JPG
photo 2 (6).JPG

THE perfect vintage tea pot!!!

My jaw dropped and I practically squealed in delight!! Mom had mentioned that she had been looking high and low for one to go with the cups and she had found this one at a local fundraiser.....The stars definitely aligned!

I settled in on New Years day to enjoy a few cups and start my planning for 2014! (I even had a chocolate...or 2)

photo 1 (3).JPG
photo 4 (2).JPG
photo 3 (3).JPG
photo 3 (5).JPG

It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon and I absolutely LOVE how these individual pieces come together so well!

This was also under the Christmas tree...I'm a very lucky gal!


Cheers to tea and warm socks!