Character and Charm...

It was a sunny day, I had some new hikers to break in and I decided to go for a walk through the beautiful city that I call home....Guelph.

This city has some beautiful established neighbourhoods and magnificent older homes. I feel very lucky to live in a neighbourhood full of trees, grass, gardens and character. As I set out on my walk, I soon became distracted by the many homes that exude charm, historical beauty and stunning architecture...

Even though the day then started to cloud over, I couldn't help but stop and take photos of these homes (so much for my brisk walk). Here are just a smattering of the homes that truly make this city unique and full of character!

The detail and care taken to maintain these homes is nothing short of amazing. From the slate and/or cedar shake tiles, pillers, turrets, covered porches, trim choice and colour, shutters, brick work, landscaping etc etc....the list goes on and on as to what makes these homes so stunning and inviting. You just don't see architecture like this anymore and it saddens me.... 

I feel very grateful to live in a city where I can walk through neighbourhoods filled with homes that have stories, that have had generation after generation live within their walls. 

If only those walls could talk......




State and Main Sunday Brunch

photo 2 (21).JPG

As you walk into State and Main, a new restaurant in the south end of Guelph (with Western Canada ties - so I was already a fan), you can't help but be drawn to these stunning light fixtures in the bar area.

Yes, the Guelph Blog Brunch Gals were there for brunch and were we ever hungry...but.... we couldn't help but walk around, take in the atmosphere and of course, take LOTS of pictures! (we bombarded every social media platform we possibly could that morning)

photo 1 (24).JPG
photo 1 (23).JPG

We sat in the bar area which was bright, open and airy but yet warm and rich at the same time due to the wood, stone and leather detail.

photo 5 (6).JPG

This was the view from the back of the dining room area to the front of the restaurant. The exposed duct work, the metal fixtures and the continued use of wood and leather brought a real rustic and industrial loft feel to the space.

photo 4 (18).JPG

This wooden insert within the glass partitions, complete with fleur de lis cutouts, was a very effective way to separate the dining area from the bar area, but still let light through, all with great attention to detail.

Then...once we had all arrived, it was time to sit down, have a look at the menu and decide on what we were having for brunch!!

But first, what to have for a beverage?! Coffee, tea, juice..??

Well...quite a few of us decided on Caesars (the 'other' Mimosa, which makes them completely acceptable for brunch purposes! *wink wink*) and all I can say was...GREAT choice! That had to have been one of the best Caesars I've had in quite some time (also, I had mine made with gin...and bonus points for our awesome server even offering that as an option!)

photo 1 (25).JPG

I didn't know what to get....I flip flopped between sweet and savoury...french toast or the breakfast burrito.... What to choose...What to choose?? 

Our server took our orders and at the very last minute, I decided on......

photo 4 (19).JPG

The Morning Glory.... I really felt like a true breakfast experience....eggs over easy (cooked perfectly!), bacon, sausage (that reminded me a lot of the sausage my family gets from our butcher...sooo good!), rye toast and tres yummy hashbrowns! I was extremely happy with my choice!

Some of the other gals got the Benny Bar and the Banana Bread French Toast....we even have some fellow Bloggers who are vegetarians and they were able to have dishes changed a wee bit to accommodate them.  Overall, we would have to say "two thumbs up"!!

I can't wait to go back again....the atmosphere was warm and welcoming with a great rustic/indutrial feel, the staff were fantastic...attentive, warm and super friendly, and the food/drinks were great!!

I already know what I'm going to have to start my meal...

photo 2 (20).JPG

Cheers to Sunday Brunch!!!

Thank you again for inviting us for Brunch State and Main....The Guelph Blog Gals had a wonderful time!

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