A Craftsman's Sweet Dream...

My brother, Mike McDonald, has his own construction/home renovation company and is also quite a craftsman! I have introduced you to him in previous blog posts (he put in my patio for me this summer and it turned out absolutely perfectly!) and I just had to share this gorgeous project/piece he did for our parents for Christmas.

Our parents have been looking for a new bed and Mike had the wonderful idea to build them a headboard for Christmas. We bounced around some ideas....I even had to pull off a few lil 'fibs' with my Mom to try and confirm the colour it should be stained...and this is the amazingly rustic and beautiful end result!

photo 1 (6).JPG
photo 3 (6).JPG
photo 4 (5).JPG
photo 5.JPG

The final product was even better than I could have imagined and Mom and Dad LOVED IT! (That's a total understatement!) 

It adds warmth and immediately draws your eye to it as the focal point of the room.  It truly is a beautiful and organic statement in the room.

I think I need one too in fact!

If you're looking for a unique, custom, one-of-a-kind, solid wood piece, you can email Mike at:


He can work with you to create exactly what you are looking for for your home!