Around My House...My Home...

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My home is my sanctuary....My cottage in the city.......

My 9-5 career has me travelling quite a bit (which I love), but I also love getting home, putting my feet up, making myself a latte with my Nespresso, cozying up on the couch under a blanket and taking some time for me, looking through my new magazines that have arrived that week. I subscribe to quite a few mags (my guilty pleasure) and every time I come home to a new one in my mailbox, I can't wait to get inside and start flipping through it!

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As I'm sitting on my couch, I look into my kitchen and on those weekend mornings as the sun is coming up (during the week, I'm generally out of the house before the sun is up) the light that pours into my home is magical!

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I also like to surround myself with fresh flowers and greenery.....They add a sense of beauty and bring the outdoors in! Whether they are on my buffet, the coffee table or my bedside table, I always have them in my home.

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But ... my house would not be a home without this guy..... my Charlie Bear! He turned 9 this past week and if there's anything that makes me feel the best about coming home, it's him!