The First Week...

So how has your first week of 2015 been? Have you kept up your resolutions? Have you 'fallen off the wagon'?

However your first week has gone, I hope you have had a good one. 

Mine has been quite good and I feel as if I've packed a lot of productivity into the past 8 days.

As I sit here writing this, I'm looking at the bags of clothing and boxes of housewares that I have purged and will be donating to local charities. If you read my last post of 2014, I wrote about promises I made for myself for the new year ahead. One of those promises was to Simplify. By purging these items from my home, it opens up physical space which also in turn opens up 'head space'; it has allowed me to take stock of what I have and really ask myself do I Need this vs do I Want this?; and these items, via the charities, will be going to new homes whose families I hope enjoyed them as much as I did.

I have been doing little things like being sure the dishes are all done before I go to bed so there is no clutter on the counter in the morning.

It's these little things that are allowing the interior of my home to in turn bring clarity and space to my soul.  

 I've also started journalling again.... It is so cathartic. I'm writing down every cent I spend in an effort to analyze and adjust my spending habits. I've already saved money! I made my lunch and dinner all week long (I've even made my latte every morning and taken it to work) and not only have I saved money, I've also eaten much more healthy, 'real' food. I've been keeping a food journal too....I'm definitely not eating perfectly, but, I am eating well and know what's going into the food I'm eating as I'm preparing it.

So overall, so far so good.... really good!!

Cheers to 2015!!