The Barley Vine Rail Co.

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A friend and I were famished and were looking for a great place to have a late lunch/early dinner while in Orangeville. We walked through the front door of The Barley Vine Rail Co and were met by this rustic bar, complete with a tin ceiling, industrial light fixtures, original wood, a wide variety of wine and a fantastic selection of beer on tap!

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After a very thorough review of the menu (both food and cocktail versions), we decided on our meals and a pint. Next time I'm there, I'm definitely going to have the Derby Manhattan (I LOVE Manhattans and really enjoy trying them at different establishments).


We started with DEEP FRIED PICKLES to share.....Absolutely DELISH! (I could have eaten another entire order all on my own!)

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Then these scrumptious mains arrived....I had the MADE FROM SCRATCH Perogies and Caesar Salad. Oh...My...Gosh..... Words cannot explain how fantastically great these perogies are (if they every decide to sell them, I'll be buying DOZENS). The Caesar salad was perfect! The house-made dressing was light and full of flavour (love the garlicy undertone) and the bacon pieces, croutons, parmesan and a squeeze of lemon just completed it! My friend had the Bison Burger (sans bun) with Fries cooked in duck fat..... My mouth is watering just thinking of these dishes!


We somehow still had some tummy space for these oh-so-yummy mini desserts (can you blame 2 gals that hadn't eaten since breakfast and it was now well past 5?)

Our meals were fabtabulous and I cannot wait to go back to try even more menu items (there were at least 5 or 6 that immediately jumped out at me, but every single item looked and sounded great!)

Not only was the food amazing, but the decor, design aesthetic and atmosphere was too!

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Seeing as this was Orangeville's train/railway station at one point in the past, the building exuded history and charm, but also had a rustic and industrial edge to it as well. The original wood trim around the huge windows, mixed with the exposed HVAC and industrial light fixtures were the perfect decor combo!

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Pieces of this restaurant's story and history were spread through the space.... There truly is something special about these small town Ontario railway stations and the historical value they bring to their communities!

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The tall ceilings, dark walls, large windows, wood trim and metallic finishes all bring a certain kind of coziness and warmth to the space and allow for an incredibly welcoming atmosphere. It's the kind of space that you really don't want to leave!

The details are all there too.....Such as the paddle hanging over the bar, signed by everyone who attended their grand opening; that tin ceiling (*mwah*), those light fixtures (double *mwah*).....there are just so many to mention...I think you need to go have a look for yourself!

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The custom sign by the bar catches your eye as soon as you walk in! The staff also all wear custom hoodies and T's with their extremely clever and eye catching logo (LOVED them!). Oh, and by the way, their branding is SPOT ON....note the beaver (BVR) in the front of the train (Railway station)! Brilliant!!

But what's even more brilliant is what this establishment has already brought to this town...and I don't just mean great food! They had an evening to raise funds for the local SPCA (a cause near and dear to my heart) and everyone who donated $50 received a personalized plaque (as above) that are fastened to the back of every bar stool and chair. What an absolutely AMAZING idea that not only warmed by heart, but also reminded me how so very important it is to give back, especially in a 'small town'. 

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To me, a restaurant/bistro can have fantastic food, but if they don't have the staff to match, I won't go back!

Well let me tell you, the staff at Barley Vine Rail Co are reason enough to go to this bistro and the wonderful food, drink and atmosphere just make your experience there absolutely complete!

Ryan (the owner), Debbie and Megs were DA BOMB!!! Their enthusiasm is contagious and those smiles just show you how much they truly love this piece of their community they have created. I've said it previously and I'll say it again....You will not want to leave this establishment once you arrive, but, when you do have to finally go, I know you'll go back....often!

Thank you to you all for making our first time at your bistro/pub a wonderful experience, for all 5 of the senses!

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The next time you're in Orangeville, you MUST plan to make a stop at The Barley Vine Rail Co! They're at 35 Armstrong St, just off of the main street. I cannot wait to go back for some more tres yummy food, to try that Manhattan and to see/socialize with the incredible staff!

I think a road trip is in order!

P.S. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to ensure you are kept aware of all of their upcoming events!