Beauty Begins.....

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Ask yourself....what makes you feel beautiful? 

For me, beauty really comes down to, what makes you, YOU?

Sure, it can be the great leather jacket that you've had for years and always gravitate to. The leather has become well worn, it is soft and buttery and you just feel like a million bucks every time it sits across your shoulders. It's that 'feeling' that's difficult to describe, yet it's what we yearn for.

But it doesn't even have to be 'things' or 'objects' or 'clothing' or 'makeup'..... 

It can also be moments.....Like a walk through the forest in October, leaves falling around you, the sun shining on your face.....those moments when you feel at peace and complete.....when you are the most "YOU" you can be! You again get that 'feeling' but for an entirely different reason.

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Beauty resonates from inside is a glow that shines through your eyes, your smile, your words.....and that glow is only possible when you truly are being YOURSELF.....

Someone said to me the other day, I feel like I've lost me....who I am....I am so many things to other people, I've forgotten who the real me is.

I think we all feel that way at pulls us in so many different directions and sometimes we don't even know where to start to get ourselves back.

When I start to feel this way, I get back to basics.....I have a night out/in with friends, I stop into one of my favourite shops and maybe treat myself to something new, I go out to the garden and 'putter' to clear my head, I head to the Market and get a bouquet of fresh flowers and a cupcake, I read a great book or I go to the gym..... These are just some strategies that help me get myself back on track. It doesn't have to be anything complex or just need to become familiar with what works for you to help get yourself back on track. 

Sometimes though, even figuring out what to do to get ourselves back can be a challenge. There are schedules to be kept, 40 hour weeks morph into 60 hour weeks, etc etc.... It's difficult to even catch your breath, let alone take a few minutes for yourself. moments like that, it is absolutely imperative you take a minute or two to collect yourself, re-focus and put yourself first (see my post 'Oxygen Mask' about putting yourself first).

This is where 'My List' comes in veryyyyy handy! My list is just that....a little 'cheat sheet' I keep with me of all the little things I can do for myself at almost any time or place, to keep me on track, to keep that beauty resonating from within. 

Why not take 10 minutes right now and make yourself that can put it into your phone, in your day planner, on a piece of paper in your purse....Wherever you can easily access it when you feel like things are going off the rails a bit.

I shared some of my strategies above (put your strategies to paper too....on your fridge, on a chalkboard, in a journal etc), but this list I am referring to are 'lil quickies' of restoration that you can do in only a few minutes.

Things like:

- step away from the computer and take 10 deep breaths

- get outside and go for a walk for 5 minutes

- read your favourite blog (I use Bloglovin to organize my favourites)

- text a friend a thoughtful sentiment (I find that spreading joy also helps make me feel joy)

Whatever your list includes has to work for you and only you! The key to this list is to keep you on track through little things/lil quickies you enjoy until you have a moment to truly take a solid piece of time for you. is not just what we show on the outside....honestly, that's a very small portion of what makes us beautiful.

You have to always remember who you are as a person, be comfortable in your own skin, with your own thoughts and choices. Most importantly, never, ever forget who your are, what you stand for, what you believe in and what makes you happy. If you can do this, your beauty will shine through like no other....