Back in the swing of things!

I'm officially back into the swing of things....The first few weeks of January were a bit quieter than normal (thankfully) and as I'm looking through my  Day Designer  I can't believe how the weeks are filling up....I'm booking into April for some things!!

I'm not complaining by any means....I LOVE having a full schedule & keeping busy.. and this week allowed just that...

After a weekend of celebrating a good friend's birthday, it was off to meetings with a coworker on Monday (but only after a latte and a few minutes flipping through a mag to start the day).  The clients I work with ('My Guys') were so gracious in celebrating as I move onto new challenges (more to come on this!). 

Tuesday was such a fun day....well, let's just say, the evening was FABTASTIC! My friend and neighbour Michele, aka Blushshop, held a Pinspiration Party for some local gals at her shop. It was such a great night of meeting new people, socializing, "pinning" (of course), munching on yummy goodies and learning even more about one of our favorite social media sites!

Wednesday had me presenting some new ideas and concepts to a group of people whose opinions I truly value and also let me get my feet wet a wee bit as to what my new role will hold for me. was time for an early morning, messy hair and LOTS of coffee (and tea)!

Thursday was a longgggg (and very, very chilly) day (it began at 3:30am) but it was a really, really good day! I flew to Ottawa to meet with an employee in an effort to ensure his success in the workplace. It was the kind of day that reminded me how much I love what I do and made me very happy and feel very lucky to be able to do what I do every day!

And then office day, ie. mad-catch-up-day! At one point, I thought my BB was going to blow up as it was call after call after call, but, it was a SUPER productive day overall! 

I found this photo of flowers from the Pinspiration Party earlier in the week and the image made heading out into this blustery, winter weather a tad bit easier!

I'm looking forward to a bit of down time this weekend and also to Sunday Brunch with a bunch of awesome's our monthly Guelph Bloggers Brunch! Stay tuned for more details....