Homemade Holiday Wreath...Silver and Blue..

I had the kind of custom order come in that I always really enjoy....my customer said that I could do whatever I would like!
Knowing she and her husband's favorite hockey team (Maple Leafs) and the fact that they just had twin boys, I decided to do a natural greens wreath with a blue and silver colour scheme.

I lined up the greenery on the deck (the weather was fantastic so I did this whole project outdoors!). I used a mix of white pine, cedar and spruce.

I then assembled all of the adornments for the wreath...the 'picks', ribbon, balls etc.

I made this wreath from 'scratch'...adding the greenery to the wire wreath frame with florists wire...cutting and putting together every bunch to place on the frame. Tools required include: florist wire, garden snips (for the greenery), wire snips (or an old pair of scissors), wire wreath frame (I got mine at Michaels).

I LOVE the creative process of rearranging bunches to get just the right fullness, trying picks and ribbons/bows in different spots and just the overall  'trial and error' that makes home made items as much fun to make as they are!

Here is the finished product....

I am really, really happy with this piece.....if you'd like to see more, please pop onto Facebook and check out/"Like" my page, Rustic Retrievals or, follow me on Twitter, @ructicretrieval (no "s" on retrievals). I'm also in the midst of setting up a shop on Etsy, so definitely keep you eyes open for that as well!