I had bundled myself up in a hat, infinity scarf and my down jacket this morning to go for a walk with Charlie in the gorgeous snowfall we're having. After coming in from our walk, all I wanted to do was make a cup of hot chocolate, turn on a good movie, light the fireplace, wrap up in a blanket and just have a cozy, comfie day.

When you walk in your door every day, you should have a feeling of 'home' should feel extremely comfortable...and through rustic charm and details, you can make your home the cozy environment that makes it a perfect place to come in from on a snowy day.

Curl up by the window and watch the snow fall

Make a decadent cup of hot chocolate

Light a fire and wrap up in a blanket

What's more rustic then a woodstove, wood panelling and a quilt?

Lie in bed and watch the snowflakes

A knit comforter and a bunch of pillows 

Blankets/throws, lanterns, candles, hot chocolate for 2....

A bath by the fire.....