Some day....

It was back to work (real work) today. As good as it was to get back into my routine...I found my mind wandering from time to time and I kept looking at the sign I purchased over my vacation...a sign that reads "Dream Big".

Maybe it was all the time off (the longest I have been away from work in years) or the fact that I was able to really, truly relax, unwind and dive into the home decor side of things...but I found myself dreaming ...dreaming of a home I could one day have (ok...maybe if I win Lotto Max)...but none the less...I found some truly inspiring photos that have completely reignited the decor and design fire inside me!

To come home to this every day...the winding gravel drive (I am a country gal at heart), cedar shingles, stone, the fence and the horse barn.....THIS is my dream home/setting! 

Then there is this....the stone patio, the rolling hills, the forest, paddocks with galloping horses...I would never go inside! Some day....again, dreaming big!

The speaks for itself. I can just imagine a horse in cross ties, tacking him up and then heading out for a ride on those rolling hills....

Everyone needs a weekend retreat....this 'cottage' suits the bill of dreaming big! If I could ...I would spend 24 hrs a day outdoors...and with a deck like this, I very well almost could!

I believe dreams really do inspire....they give us hope, an idea, and something to strive for. So whether it's a new kitchen you have been dreaming about or that cottage that you have always hoped for....take that dream and start taking the steps to making it a reality!

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney