Backyard Contest Begins!!

The Spring/Summer 2012 Backyard Contest has officially begun!

Like any good project, ..say oh...a Backyard Reno Project,..this contest will have 3 parts:

1. The Plan/Budget
2. The Implementation
3. The End Product and Follow Up

Each week for the next 3 weeks I will introduce each new stage of the contest, starting today with Part One...the all important first step.

It's really quite order for the Contest to "activate" the Rustic Retrievals Facebook Fan page "Budget" needs to reach 50 "Likes" by Friday June 8, 2012.

The Plan to help keep on track to this 'Budget', is for all of you to keep sharing Rustic Retrievals' Facebook updates, Blog entries, Retweeting tweets etc etc ....encourage your friends and followers to drop by our page, hit "Like" and they too can become part of the contest.

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Some Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest and Instagram followers have already earned 'earlybird ballots' and I will continue to track each and every "Share", "Like", "Retweet", "Comment" etc.....

Each time you do so, you will receive a ballot for when the contest goes "live" and we'll begin giving away some great (and I mean GREAT) summertime, backyard and rustic themed prizes!

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Best of luck to you all!!