Rustic Transitions....

The transition to Fall has to be my favorite time of year. The light, the colours, the chill in the air...time to pull out the wool sweaters, cozy blankets, leather boots and the most fun of all....time to change the decor in your/my home!

When it comes to home decor this time of year, the best place to pull your inspiration from is right out your front door....

The rugged bark of a tree in mossy browns and smokey greys, the mustard yellow of golden rod, the burnt oranges and deep burgundy of mums, the muted greens of the trees & corn stalks, the greeny blues of the lake and the sandy beiges of the last walks on the beach.

Take a look around your home....Small changes such as adding knit throw cushions, a wool throw/blanket, add more candles in earthy tones, fill a vase with branches rather than flowers, a simple wooden bowl filled with stones from the beach....All of these will take your home from Summer to Autumn and add warmth, coziness and character.

Just walk out your front door, down the lane and around your neighbourhood or take a weekend roadtrip through the countryside...take lots of pictures and come home with more inspiration then you'll know what to do with!