Snow Bunny!

I love Winter!

The cold, crisp air...the fluffy snow... how beautiful the world looks under a blanket of snowflakes....It really is my favourite time of year!

Getting all bundled up, being the first person to break a trail in the new fallen snow, tobogganing, skating, skiing, snowshoeing...with so much to do outdoors, it makes coming back indoors to a warm fire and hot chocolate even that more special!

As I'm outside in the winter, I tend to also take quite a few photos.....You never have a the same day twice in the winter with storms coming and going and I really enjoy capturing as many of these moments as I can!

Our morning walk after the first real snowfall of Winter 2012....

The photos below are of winters gone by during visits to my parent's home.... Frosty mornings, 'powder puffs', walks through the forest....Such a wonderful time of year to be outdoors!




I have a very special place in my heart for the West....I love skiing and when you're skiing in a setting like this, you never want to leave the slopes! I also love time, I'm taking my skates along too!!
These are photos from my trip to Lake Louise and Banff a few years ago....

View from the chairlift at Lake Louise...

At the Fairmont Banff Springs

Lake Louise

Lake Louise

Fairmont Banff Springs....I am DEFINITELY packing my skates the next trip out!

Fairmont Banff Springs

View from the mountain down to the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise....

View from the Fairmont Banff Springs

Another view from the Fairmont Banff Springs...

As you can see...there are so many wonderful and magical reasons to get outdoors this winter and enjoy nature in all it's beauty!!


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