The allure.....

....of the majestic boathouse...

There is something romantic about a boathouse....being right on the water, hearing the water lap against the hull of the boat, the hours spent on the dock soaking up the sun or wrapped up in a blanket looking at the stars...

They are a key part of the quintessential cottage experience...

To me...a cottage just doesn't feel quite complete without one.

Our boat house at 'camp' on Clearwater Bay, just west of Kenora,  held many memories of bombing off the end of the dock into the quite chilly waters of Lake of the Woods, the many fish that were cleaned and filleted by my Grampa/Dad/Uncles, the boats it housed that pulled us water skiing or that we lounged in as we fished and the HUGE Snapping Turtle and Musky that called it home.

If I am ever lucky enough to one day have a cottage, I really, really hope it has a boathouse...the feeling of pulling up in the boat, getting the angle just right to moor, climbing out onto the's just the perfect welcome to the cottage from the water.


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Muskoka Boathouse


Lake Joseph Muskoka

Chris Craft in a Boathouse

Muskoka Boathouse in the early morning light

Yellow Boathouse Lake Muskoka

great boathouse - design by Peter Higgins Architect

Love this boathouse.

house with boathouse

Muskoka two bedroom boathouse

Great boathouse with the cottage upstairs.

Lakeside boathouse. The life!

The Boathouse

Lake Muskoka Boathouse | Altius Architecture, Inc.


Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!