Connect, Converse, Collaborate

Those three words that can be found on the cover of the BlogPodium Program could not sum up that day/event any more perfectly!

I am still in absolute awe after hearing Sarah Richardson speak. To say that woman is genuine and passionate about what she does for a living and the company/brand she has built around her is the world's biggest understatement! It is very, very apparent that she has worked extremely hard to get where she is today and that every step along the way, she has gained a new piece of wisdom and taken them with her to this day. The most poignant part of her keynote for me was when she put up the email that contained the "not so nice" comments someone had sent her about her new show. She talked about relationships, about how every interaction we have is an opportunity to form a new relationship and asked us to always remember to be careful and cautious of what and how we say things to others. 

Margot Austin of House and Home also echoed Sarah's sentiment during the "Let's Talk: Traditional Media, New Media, Social Media" panel discussion. Margot said, "We're all running the race together and we all have our success stories".

Essentially, these two amazingly successful and driven women reminded us that at the end of the day, we're all in this together, be the better person and support those around us as it will also in turn help us as individuals. Simple, sound and sage advice from two women who would know best!

From top to bottom (L-R): Rhonda Riche (Covet Garden), Jacquelyn Clark (Style Me Pretty Living), Emma Reddington (Chatelaine), Margot Austin (House and Home), Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault (Hue La La), Stephanie (A Paper Buffet), Myself, Sara  (Saige Wisdom) and Sarah Richardson.

In addition to a room full of inspiring and lovely women, there were also some wonderful sponsors at this event and their booths just made me want to go home and get decorating!

Tonic Living (this will be the fabric for my dining chairs)

Sarah Richardson's new fabric line with Kravet

Chapters Indigo, Tonic Living and the Business Card Display.

I have so many new ideas and made many notes about goal setting, prioritizing, making tough decisions, getting organized, networking, time management and leaving time for personal time. This event is really what I needed to give myself that 'push' to help me re-focus on both myself and my blog/business.

CHEERS to all of the amazing ladies (and gentlemen) I (finally) met and be sure to pop over to our new FB page...
Canadian Home, Decor & Lifestyle Bloggers (The Canadian Blogging Belles)  ...let's keep this energy alive!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Jennifer (Rambling Renovators) and her team for making this event such an overwhelming success! I can't wait till next year!!