Promises to Myself!

I truly do Believe this.

As many wonderful days that my life has had in the past 35 years, I really do think that some of the best days are yet to come.

I also Believe that we create the lives we lead...they just don't happen.

We create our happiness, our successes, our fun....and we also create our sadness, our failures and the not so fun moments. We need to find a balance....happiness and success are what we strive for but in order to really appreciate and experience happiness, we need to also experience sadness and failure as we learn from these and in turn, we therefore increase and maintain the positives in our lives.

My promises to myself for 2015 (not resolutions) include a lot of things I'm already doing fairly well, but also some that I want to improve on. If I had to choose a word for 2015 that will keep me focuses on these promises, it would have to be BELIEVE! This word has been pivotal in my life over the past few years (heck, I have it tattooed on my foot) and it sure has gotten me through some tough times but has also reaffirmed my thoughts and feelings in the great times.

For 2015, I Believe.......

For 2015, I Promise myself.....

photo 1 (2).PNG

Again, some of these promises I am already doing and want to continue, while there are some I want to improve on and also add into the mix.

Some I would like to improve on are:

  • Eat better.
  • Drink Water (I realllly need to increase my water intake).
  • Talk Less. Listen More.
  • Experience Life. (to me, this means finding balance between Needs vs Wants; living more fully with fewer `things` and having more experiences that result in amazing memories!)

Some I want to do more of are:

  • Read books.
  • Adventure.
  • Feel deeper.

And of course..... BE HAPPY! Like I mentioned above, I Believe we create our own Happiness. Don`t get me wrong....I`m uber happy and have very few concerns with life at the moment...but...(and this is a good but)....I want more! More Happiness! I want more and am willing to do what it takes to make this happen....

I honestly think that for me, simplifying life will lead to even more happiness. This is something I`ll be `testing`through 2015....Simple things like eating better, listening more, going on adventures can only add positives to my life, without adding any type of complication or negativity. Let`s call it a `back to basics`approach.

With this approach, along with Believing that happiness can and will be created through how I choose to live my life, getting back to basics, in every aspect of being, is something I am really looking forward to! I can`t help but think (and Believe) that through Simplicity and identifying Needs vs Wants, life will almost automatically improve in a number of ways (ie. emotional, health, financial etc).

Create that life you have always wish existed for you.... The best days of our lives truly are still ahead of us....

Cheers to 2015! Cheers to Promises to Myself! Cheers to Believing! Cheers to Simplicity!