Carpe Diem...

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Every time I put on this bracelet from my friend's boutique, a smile comes across my face and a sense of motivation to face and seize the day (or night) comes over me.

Some may say, "Really? How does something as simple as a bracelet do that?"....My response to that is that everyone's motivators, triggers and coping strategies are very, very personal (and need to be in order to truly 'work' for you) and I cannot express how important...and critical... it is to develop these strategies for your day-to-day health and well being.

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I come home to this guy everyday and no matter how upsetting or 'bad' a day it may have been, to have him greet me at the door with that grin and tail wagging a mile a minute, it puts things into perspective quite quickly and I can't help but smile. Our evening walks allow me to clear my head, to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. In the summer time (ie. flip flop weather) as we go for our walks, I can look down at my right foot and see 4 words with so much significance and meaning to my family and I, that I can't help but refocus. 

Earlier this week I received news that literally knocked me to the ground and I immediately needed to put in place every single coping strategy I could in order to navigate my way through, along with my friends, what had happened and come to terms with the fact that I will never, ever see an old friend again.

Text and Facebook messages turned into phone calls and walks down memory lane with old friends, turned into tears (many, many times), turned into support and encouraging words (and beautiful flowers) from new friends, turned into quiet time looking through photo albums and lots of reflection.....

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As I looked through photos and yearbooks from highschool, talked to friends who I haven't spoken with in quite some time and hugged one of my best friends after hours of talking through thing remained constant...How much we cared for Greg and how so very, very much he will be missed. 

Life tests us at throws us curves balls (...this just made me remember that Greg was an amazing ball player) pushes us to the brink....

It is those times, when you feel that that there is no end in sight and that there is no way out of the situation you are currently in, that I hope you are able to find a way to dig really, really deep and activate those coping strategies. Lean on those who love you and to try and remember that tomorrow brings a new day and that new day is yours to seize, no matter what life may be throwing at you.

As I'm writing this, the sun has come out.....tears are welling up....... I'm looking at the photo album full of memories from happier days..... and happier days will come again. Life will never be quite the same, but life will move forward and continue on with one less amazing person here with us.... It is the sunshine streaming through my window onto these tulips from a great friend that reminds me of this......

The sun will come out...Grey skies will clear...Thank you Greg, for bringing us sunshine today, yesterday and always.

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