Office Space...

This is my 'To DO' list in my newly re-vamped office! I wanted a space that would beckon me in, implore me to create and inspire me to keep dreaming....all while offering me a functional work space. (P.S. The chalkboard is one of my DIY projects....let me know if you'd like one too!)

I wanted to anchor the revamp around a new desk....a desk built for me by my amazingly multi-talented brother. We chose the wood, the leg styles, the stain and here is the final product.....

The top is reclaimed Mennonite Barn Board, the legs are iron gas pipe fixtures and we went with a medium to dark stain to really show the wood grain.... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! It is exactly what I envisioned and then some.... I love how you can see the planing marks..the raw-edginess it exudes...and those knots DIE for! It is truly a rustic, yet still chic, one-of-a-kind piece that I will cherish forever! THANK YOU Mike!

I was out and about a few days later and wandered into HomeSense......Am I ever glad I did because I found THE perfect chair to compliment the desk! I think I even squealed a bit when I saw it! Yes, there are times I MAYYYY get a wee bit too excited about home decor pieces/furniture....but hey, you can't help passion!

The black leather seat, the curved/clean lines, the metal base, the retro-esque wood grain...... **MWAH**!!!

Sooooo.... I had the 2 main work space pieces in place. The two on their own are inspiring enough ....but I thought, why not keep taking it up a few notches......

Time for a Gallery Wall!!

I started planning it out on my desk and it slowly began to take shape...I used pieces from local artists, from Etsy sellers, local boutiques, online boutiques/shops, friends....bits and pieces from various moments in my life over the past few years.

For me....the ultimate goal of a gallery wall is to be able to look up at every single piece and smile while remembering the story behind it. I really happy to sat that I can do that for every, single piece I now have on that wall.......

Whether it's words of wisdom, a gift from a friend, a photo that evokes memories of past moments...I can sit in my new chair at my new desk, look up and continually be inspired.  It's a room that I don't want to leave.....I enjoy every moment at that desk, planning, working and creating!

Most pieces are up with Washi tape for now....I love the way it looks and it allows me to re-configure, without the commitment of nail holes (I'm a nail hole commitment-phobe!). At some point, I will likely frame the larger items and 'officially' hang them. 

Thank you to all that contributed to this space..... It's efforts like this that truly do make my house my home!



Office Sourcing: Pixel Paper Hearts;  The Everygirl; Rifle Paper Co; Chapters Indigo; West Elm Toronto; Jeannette Lorito; Melting Artist Designs; Top Knot Goods; Top Knot Weddings - Etsy