There's Still Plenty of Summer Left!

The days may be getting shorter, but there is still plenty of summer left! I know most would say we really haven't had much of a summer with the cooler weather we've had....I would have to argue that!

This has been THE perfect summer to get outside and enjoy your outdoor living space! The cooler nights call for a cozy blanket and campfire, the chilliness seems to have kept the bugs away and honestly, wouldn't you rather be outside when it's 19 degrees versus 33 degrees PLUS a humidex that makes it feel closer to 40 degrees? I sure would!

I had posted some photos of my backyard transformation on Instagram and one of my favourite websites, Ruralist, asked if I'd like to do a few pieces on outdoor decor/living/entertaining. Of course I said YES!

I ended up writing 2 pieces:

It was so much fun to pull items I already had  (I honestly purchased very few new items for the shoots) together into two inviting, comfortable and Rustic Chic spaces. A HUGE thank you to my amazing neighbour and friend Michele for her help! She is a styling GENIUS!!

I'll let you read the articles for tips on how to design your own outdoor space and as an FYI, I also included A LOT of my favourite local home decor sources that can be found all over Southern Ontario! THANK YOU so much Ruralist for featuring my outdoor spaces! 

The long weekend will soon be upon us, so why not have friends and family over to enjoy your outdoor space?

I'll leave you with a few photos of the patio and deck and if you should have any outdoor decor questions, feel free to email me at .... ENJOY!