A New Year....

I have a mixed bunch of responses to the questions above as I look ahead into 2017. Parts of me say Yes and parts of me say No. Self improvement is a cornerstone of my existence but at the same time, when is good enough, good enough?

When I start really delving into something like this, one of my favourite Pearl Jam songs comes to mind...."Just Breathe"......

I can always be stronger and kinder, but I'm already strong and kind. I've experienced a lot of hard earned success in my 37 years, but I can always be better...Life can always be better and life is what we make it!

So...I'm deciding to do both. Be happy and content with the person I am today while also striving to be an even better me. Compassion, caring, kindness, happiness, strength.....I can say with 100% confidence I am and exude those features/attributes, yet, there is always room for improvement.

As long as I keep this smile on my face....keep breathing.... I can and will decide to be better...to get better....

Am I looking forward to the new year ahead?.....Heck yes!! We're already one month in and reflecting back on the past 28 days, I've already learned, grown and become stronger.

Our lives are what they make them and I choose to make mine the absolute best it can be!


2014 - The Year of the Bucolic Lifestyle!

I'm so excited for 2014 and all the opportunities and possibilities yet to unfold! 

A fresh start...A clean slate... This is the year I've decided to get back to basics and get back to being me! 

I went downstairs, dusted off my vintage chalkboard and started to put together what 2014 will be for me... Words, phrases, ideas, lifestyle choices.... All things I currently try to embody and want to continue to, to keep improving on, to holistically integrate into my life!


Bucolic: of or relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life. 

The country life...the life I grew up in and with.  Rolling fields, acres of trees, babbling brooks, horseback rides, long walks, lying in the grass under the stars....A life of quality, not quantity...where less truly is more.

A life of happiness, laughter, dreaming and believing....Calm.......

I will continue to purge the unnecessary, to set goals, to believe, to breathe....to LIVE!

Ancora Imparo...still I am learning...but... Tout Sera Incoyables...everything is amazing!

As I'm still learning, still hunting for who I've not yet become....I decided it was time to take the next step and launch this new website. It is a work in progress and it has been the perfect opportunity for me to look inside myself and re-visit who I am....the true and honest ME!

I welcome you along on my journey this year....and I encourage you to continue on your own journey....

Orenda: a mystical force present in all people that empowers them to effect the world, or to effect change in their own lives.

Embrace that force, effect change in your life..... 2014 is going to be an AMAZING year...I can just feel it!