Inspired Spaces...Bring on Spring!!

I really do cherish my weekends at home as they're few and far between. Some gal pals were coming to visit last weekend, but due to some crazy weather, we had to cancel our plans (insert sad face here). With the change in plans, I thought I'd take advantage of my time at home to freshen up the space a bit and start bringing in some Spring.

February is such a 'funky' month....we're well into winter, have snow up to our knees, the fun and festivities of the holidays are long over and we see Spring starting to pop up in fashion and decor. All of the bright and airy Spring looks and pieces have us yearning for warm sunshine filled days,  green grass, patios and flowers. Seeing as I don't see green grass or drinks on a patio happening any time soon, the way I like to start bringing Spring into my home is through flowers. Tulips happen to be one of my favs and they're in abundance right now...and...they're oh so reasonably priced!  When you can find them for $10 a dozen, I can't think of a more chic, fun and cheap way to insert some Spring and colour into your home!

I also like to turn to magazines for inspiration, especially this time of year, because part of the February Funk also can bring with it a bit of a lack of inspiration. It's a transitional time when it comes to fashion and decor...we want to bring out all the light and airy Spring pieces, but they seem out of place with snow still on the ground. I find turning to magazines helps with finding that balance right now and I owe a huge THANK YOU to House and Home Magazine for the article, A Study In Contrasts, in their March 2015 issue. The kitchen designed by Barbara Purdy and Olivia Botrie on pages 84-87 is the epitome of my dream kitchen! Every...single...detail and element from the exposed beams, to the colour palette, to the cabinetry, that island (swoon), the windows, the pantry (those doors)....EVERYTHING is absolute perfection. 

When it came time to freshen up my sideboard, I pulled my colour scheme from the pantry in this article...the muted, earthy tones...the creams, beiges, mochas, straw, winter white, light wood tones. These colour and tones are a great transitional colour scheme for this time of year. They're still warm and cozy, but have a lighter and more airy feel to them too.

The final product is very simple and has a natural, earthy feel to it. The grapevine wreath I made from vines in my backyard adds a bit of whimsy, the antique postal scale a dear friend gave me adds a sentimental and historical touch, the feathered wreath from Hive of Bayfield adds softness, the golden metallic tea light holders from The Garage add some *bling* and the oil cans from The Aberfoyle Antique Market add something unexpected and industrial.  They all come together in a muted, rustic chic way to slowly start to welcome in Spring.

I hope you can take some time today (it's a holiday here in Ontario) and read through some magazines and get inspired. Go down to your basement, open up some dusty boxes of home decor items and see what you can bring into your home to welcome Spring. Oh....and don't forget to treat yourself to some flowers!

I arrived home yesterday to a beautiful bunch of tulips from a great friend! Talk about a wonderful Galentine's Day! I can now spend the day relaxing, enjoying my space and continuing to get inspired!

Cheers to inspiration, great design, friendship, Spring and fresh flowers!


A Decade of Style, Inspiration and Blushy Goodness!

It takes someone extremely special to create, build and progress a business over 10 years....a decade! 

Michele, the creative genius behind Blush has done just that! 

Happy 10th Birthday Blush

Michele has impeccable style and more importantly, she knows the style of her customers/clients inside and out. With every new item that comes through the door of her shop, women flock to the boutique to see, try on and purchase the stunning pieces that Michele has brought into her 'pink bubble'. Each piece is unique, timeless and a true wardrobe staple. I know I will open my closet 10 years from now and still have my oh so cozy grey wide-striped sweater and a gorgeous black wool purse (along with many other items).

In addition to the impeccable style and class that Michele exudes, she is also an inspiration to women through her exquisite and thoughtful creations that can be found around her home and shop. Literally everything she touches becomes a thing of beauty.....from her merchandising (which is absolutely brilliant) to her home gallery wall. If you follow her on Instagram (and I highly recommend you do!) you know exactly what I'm talking about when I say that the moments and vignettes that she captures, implore and inspire you to "Blush-Up" your life.... to embrace who you are, surround yourself with who and what you love, feel comfortable in your own skin and of course, approach your day/life with your own sense of style.

What better way to celebrate 10 years of creating one's sense of style and an uber successful business than with a party?! I think Michele was also a party planner in another life because wow, does she ever know how to throw a fantastically stylish and fun bash!

The attention to detail was second to none.....the mason jar cupcakes were scrumptious....the new fashions for Fall were impeccable....and most importantly, the ladies in attendance had a chance to celebrate the wonderful woman who has brought us 10 years of style, inspiration and lovely goodies!

Speaking of lovely goodies....we all left with a bouquet party favour....yet another example of how Michele makes us feel special through her creative gestures!

Cheers to 10 years of Blush and I can't wait to see what the next 10 years has in store! 


Office Space...

This is my 'To DO' list in my newly re-vamped office! I wanted a space that would beckon me in, implore me to create and inspire me to keep dreaming....all while offering me a functional work space. (P.S. The chalkboard is one of my DIY projects....let me know if you'd like one too!)

I wanted to anchor the revamp around a new desk....a desk built for me by my amazingly multi-talented brother. We chose the wood, the leg styles, the stain and here is the final product.....

The top is reclaimed Mennonite Barn Board, the legs are iron gas pipe fixtures and we went with a medium to dark stain to really show the wood grain.... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! It is exactly what I envisioned and then some.... I love how you can see the planing marks..the raw-edginess it exudes...and those knots DIE for! It is truly a rustic, yet still chic, one-of-a-kind piece that I will cherish forever! THANK YOU Mike!

I was out and about a few days later and wandered into HomeSense......Am I ever glad I did because I found THE perfect chair to compliment the desk! I think I even squealed a bit when I saw it! Yes, there are times I MAYYYY get a wee bit too excited about home decor pieces/furniture....but hey, you can't help passion!

The black leather seat, the curved/clean lines, the metal base, the retro-esque wood grain...... **MWAH**!!!

Sooooo.... I had the 2 main work space pieces in place. The two on their own are inspiring enough ....but I thought, why not keep taking it up a few notches......

Time for a Gallery Wall!!

I started planning it out on my desk and it slowly began to take shape...I used pieces from local artists, from Etsy sellers, local boutiques, online boutiques/shops, friends....bits and pieces from various moments in my life over the past few years.

For me....the ultimate goal of a gallery wall is to be able to look up at every single piece and smile while remembering the story behind it. I really happy to sat that I can do that for every, single piece I now have on that wall.......

Whether it's words of wisdom, a gift from a friend, a photo that evokes memories of past moments...I can sit in my new chair at my new desk, look up and continually be inspired.  It's a room that I don't want to leave.....I enjoy every moment at that desk, planning, working and creating!

Most pieces are up with Washi tape for now....I love the way it looks and it allows me to re-configure, without the commitment of nail holes (I'm a nail hole commitment-phobe!). At some point, I will likely frame the larger items and 'officially' hang them. 

Thank you to all that contributed to this space..... It's efforts like this that truly do make my house my home!



Office Sourcing: Pixel Paper Hearts;  The Everygirl; Rifle Paper Co; Chapters Indigo; West Elm Toronto; Jeannette Lorito; Melting Artist Designs; Top Knot Goods; Top Knot Weddings - Etsy