So Worth Loving..





  1. of or relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life.

    "the stone house is lovely for its bucolic setting"


What does it mean to live a Bucolic Lifestyle??

A lifestyle is all encompassing.... The physical and the emotional aspects. 

The country life includes the visual beauty of the surroundings, but also the emotional reaction to that beauty.  Living a Bucolic Lifestyle could and should include a sense of being at peace....of taking in what surrounds you and embracing it. It could and should mean being at one with yourself. It is a combination of the environment and how you react to that environment...and when you surround yourself with those and what you should allow you to then love yourself and the life you have built for yourself. 

It should...that is the key should. However, one's reaction to their surroundings and their lifestyle is not always a direct correlation.

I stumbled across the website So Worth Loving on Instagram and immediately related to their message of loving ones self and empowerment! It is such an important message, yet, it is a message that can be extremely difficult to enact in ones own life. 

Their story is as follows:

"Before I founded So Worth Loving, before I had ever thought of customizing t-shirts or realized I could empower people with a simple message, I was just a little girl in a small town where everyone had an opinion of who you should be. As the youngest of three girls, I saw the struggle to meet the impossible standards for success set by the media and reinforced through peer pressure; but I also saw the strength that can be drawn from the support of your family and people who love you. Years later, it was that same support system that encouraged me to spurn conventional wisdom and pursue my passion for music, which ultimately provided me with a platform to spread this positive message. Struggling with the unfair expectations put on you is something you don’t have to do alone. And So Worth Loving is a community of people dedicated to spreading that message and helping empower people to pursue their dreams."

so worth.png

I sent an email to this amazing company after I wrote my last blog post, reaching out to them to share my story, but also to be sure it would be alright for me to share theirs. What a beautiful,supportive, appreciative and empowering response I received, thanking me for sharing their passion and encouraging me to spread their message.

And spread it I shall!!! I've written other posts about putting yourself first and it really is the must love yourself before you can love anyone else!

These are just some of their inspiring items that are available (just 'click' on the image to go directly to their store). I also love how they've partnered with Kal Barteski for the 'free to be' print (be sure to check out her work too)! 

What better way to spread the word of self worth then to wear those words or hang those words in your home for a daily reminder?!

Whatever lifestyle you choose to lead and embrace as your own, I truly hope that lifestyle starts with your being at peace with yourself.... YOU ARE SO WORTH LOVING!!



**All images (excluding the tulips) are property of So Worth Loving