Dog Park....

Charlie and I hit the dog park this morning....only to find, to his delight, a rain made pond that he could wade through, chase tennis balls in and literally, just splash around in.

Charlie is my 5 year old Chocloate Lab...and the Retrievals portion of the name of this blog/hopefully soon to be small business, comes from the fact that he is a Retriever and joins me on many of my trips through the countryside, looking for those rustic pieces.

We spend a great deal of time outdoors and have gotten to know many of the rivers, lakes, streams etc of southern Ontario because if he wasn't a furry four legged creature, I would swear he was a fish! He just cannot get enough of the water and this morning was no different.

When we aren't outside enjoying the sun/rain or whatever the weather may be, he can generally be found, maxin' and chillaxin' on some soft surface in the loft. Couch, bed...possibly even his own dog bed! Haha....

This has to be one of his favorite positions to lie in....and as you can see, he has little to no shame!
Well I am off to make brunch....ok, maybe lunch, and then am off later this afternoon to a friend's place for dinner and a visit with old work chums!