Productive day!!

Wow! What a productive day! Having lived in Guelph for almost a year, I'm still finding little hidden treasures in this of them being one of my new favorite stores, Creative Edge ( The store is full of rustic barnboard frames/mirrors, pegboard shelves and the pegs are made of golf club heads, one of a kind chairs etc etc. I also found an independently owned pet boutique called Tattle Tails ( I purchased a GREAT new, multi-function leash for Charlie (my 5 year old Chocolate Lab) and I will definitely have to head back there for more goodies! I also found a new hair salon, called Acqua ( and am sooo happy to have found a great stylist named Nikki! No better way for a quick 'pick me up' then a good hair cut!

But prior to finding all of these wonderful places/things, I hit our local ReStore (Habitat for Humanity ) to see if I could find some tile for my bathroom backsplash. Did I ever luck out!! I actually found 2 sets of tiles that I LOVED and got more than enough of each to do the space in the bathroom...and all for less than $30!!

This is the first bunch I got....slate 4x4 squares that are both sleek but rugged all at the same time.
This is the second set...they remind me of the oceans with the waves and colours.

As you can see, they are VERY different styles but I really, really like them both.
Everything in my bathroom is white (vanity, shower tile, floor tile) and the new vanity top (which I just ordered today) will be white with a slight hit of grey running through. I definitely have a beach/cottage theme going in the bathroom with shells, sand and accent colours of aqua, light blue, brown, sandy beige, silver etc. I even have a rough wood post running down the wall of the original feature of the building (a loft conversion) that I live in.
I hadn't been to the ReStore for a while and everytime I go, I always leave with something...and today, I am extremely happy with my finds! :)