Sunday Treasures..

I have made my way indoors for a bit, taking a break from the heat! It has been a very productive yet relaxing Sunday, taking it all in in Huron County.
My Dad and I started/completed a few projects, the main 2 being building a structure to allow a BitterSweet Vine a place to meander and a coffee/side table for me, recycling an old iron frame and deck/barn board. I can't wait to see the finished products of both....the structure covered in vines and the table being put to use in my loft!

Iwas also able to plant those herbs and can't wait to get them home and get cooking! I haven't has a great deal of luck growing herbs indoors, so fingers crossed these survive.

It's back to the city soon, after a wonderful weekend at home...relaxing, catching some rays and working on some rustic revival projects!