Island Living

One of the most functional pieces in the home has to be the kitchen island. It provides prep space, storage and a place to pull up a seat & gather really helps make the kitchen the heart of the home.

As much as I love my new home, I must admit, I do miss my 8'x3' island in my old loft. I had the butcher block top made, I sanded and stained it and my brother and I installed it. I could stand at that island, look out into the living room and visit with guests or have them sit right there at the island with me as I prepared dinner/drinks.

Wth my parent's building a new home, I have been looking for some inspiration to help plan their new kitchen that I hope will contain an island that we can gather around and make new memories at!

These are some ideas I found and love!....

I tend to lean towards wood, open storage, natural materials and illustrated in the pictures above.

 These are good combinations of open and enclosed storage and offer a variety of materials and styles.

No matter what style of home you have or the size of your kitchen, an island can serve a mutlitude of purposes. Whether you are preparing a holiday dinner and need as much counter space as possible....or you are serving a romantic dinner for 2....if you are planning or remodelling a kitchen, adding one into your design is something I would highly recommend!