My Style....

I take a lot of my personal style inspiration from what I use in my interior decor/design. Leather, earthy neutrals, natural materials like wools & cottons and overall,...comfort.

I love the colour of this leather, the mustard yellow pillow, the tones in the pictures/frames on the wall, the textured wallpaper and the contrast of the black cabinet. I have boots and a leather jacket the same colour as the chair, I use pops of colour much like the pillow and I ground my wardrobe in the darker tones like chocolate and black.

Boots, vests, jeans, jackets/blazers, sweaters, scarves, cowls, wool socks, leather belts/purses/jackets, and simple but statement piece jewellery sum up what can be found in my closet/drawers and make me feel like me!

Each one of these outfits would be perfect for going for coffee, running errands, a day of antiquing, a casual date....

I LOVE my Wellies! I wear them almost every day!

Distressed leather, browns/tans/mahogany...riding boots, purses/bags....a gal can never have enough of either!

The photo above could be of me on a Sunday morning walk along the water with the dog...the hair pulled up in a loose bun, the scarf, the vest, the matter what your style/taste...own it, know it and most importantly, make it yours!