What a week :)

This has been an absolutely fantastic week! It was extremely productive both personally and professionally! This Kate Spade poster best summarizes how I am feeling today:

I have been working on my "To Do" list for both short term and long term goals. I will completely admit...some of my long term goals/dreams are 'scarey'...but for all the right reasons! They will challenge me...keep moving me forward..and I know that when I achieve them (not if) I will be able to look back on all the hard work that went into them and be proud!

I know that something like 'travelling more' may seem like a bit of a strange goal to some people....but it is a goal/dream of mine! I have truly caught the 'travel bug' the past few years as I have the memories made during the trips I have taken, far out weigh any material item I could purchase. There are so many places I want to see in this world..and, I will!

I have printed this last image and placed it in my day book! If you follow these steps...be productive, always continue to learn, live with purpose and always continue to grow as a person...I really do believe you will live the fullest life you can!

I hope you all had a great week and that your goals/dreams remain on track to realization!


**images from Pinterest