Sunday Dreaming....

The weekend is flying by! As I'm having my latte and looking through Pinterest (yes, I should be doing the dishes or laundry or something...but Pinterest got me!), I saw this.....

Every single aspect of this/these rooms is the absolute essence of rustic elegance. There really are no words....

My dream home.......

The photo was credited to the Blog...PLANET DECO a homes world The blog is in French, but will allow to translate it. I must admit though, as you are enjoying this feast for the eyes, it almost makes is that much more a delicious experience to look through their gorgeous posts and stumble through the translation on your own..

Here are some more photos from their post on a cabin in Norway...

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and have a chance to take some time to relax and do some dreaming of your own!



Some see it as another 4 letter word.... W-O-R-K....

I'm lucky enough to have found a career that I thoroughly enjoy and that challenges me every day....but, that being said, I wouldn't be human if things didn't get to me at times, anger me, and have me re-assess my decisions to do what I do day in and day out. I think that's 100% natural...especially for someone who is passionate about what they do. You care so much about what you do, that when blips in the road come up (and they most surely will) sometimes have to take a step back, take a deep breath, re-group and really remind yourself the reasons why you do what you do and why you enjoy them as much as you do.

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I am very, very lucky due to the fact that I work with amazing people every single day! We all share the same passions and are striving for the same thing. I have been truly blessed with the co-workers I have had, throughout my career..I have learned so much from them. Not only about the work we do every single day, but about myself as well.


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What a week :)

This has been an absolutely fantastic week! It was extremely productive both personally and professionally! This Kate Spade poster best summarizes how I am feeling today:

I have been working on my "To Do" list for both short term and long term goals. I will completely admit...some of my long term goals/dreams are 'scarey'...but for all the right reasons! They will challenge me...keep moving me forward..and I know that when I achieve them (not if) I will be able to look back on all the hard work that went into them and be proud!

I know that something like 'travelling more' may seem like a bit of a strange goal to some people....but it is a goal/dream of mine! I have truly caught the 'travel bug' the past few years as I have the memories made during the trips I have taken, far out weigh any material item I could purchase. There are so many places I want to see in this world..and, I will!

I have printed this last image and placed it in my day book! If you follow these productive, always continue to learn, live with purpose and always continue to grow as a person...I really do believe you will live the fullest life you can!

I hope you all had a great week and that your goals/dreams remain on track to realization!


**images from Pinterest

A dream....

...without a plan is just a wish.

Dreams, goals, vision, planning....step-by-step...dreams can become a reality.

Home Decor is only one of my passions.....I am a Certified Kinesiologist and Certified Disability Management Professional 'by-trade' and  helping people achieve their goals through 'SMART' planning is a pivitol part of my day-to-day life...both as a Kin and in Home Decor.

As a Kin, I work with people to achieve personal goals regarding their health, recovery from injury/illness, and returning to work/'normalcy'. A key part of the success of life changing goal setting is the strength, clarity, specificity and follow up/re-review of the established SMART plan in order to achieve the outcome that is expected and hoped for. 

The same can be done with home decor. A house that you can home to every day and as you walk through the door, feel an encompassing sense of relief, calm and relaxation is what I believe we all strive for. A true sanctuary....a place to call your own, ..that you can put your own 'stamp' on, be proud of ..and most importantly...a home to that is reflective of you, your personality and your dreams. All of this can be achieved through self reflection, 'dreaming big' and taking what you find in those reflections and dreams and putting them into action through goal setting...SMART goal setting.

I have always believed that for a person to be truly content...truly 'whole'....they not only have to be happy with who they are as a person, but also with their everyday surroundings.

My upcoming posts will cover in more details...the 5 steps of SMART goal setting and how you can take these steps and apply them to you, your home and in some cases, both simultaneously.

If anyone has a specific goal they have been thinking about or were unsure how to take the first steps forward to attaining it....send me an email to  and I could use your example in one of my upcoming posts (of course, 100% annonymity is promised).