A Peak....

.....at my style staples that help make me..me! I tend to have a very comfortable and natural style...very similar to my decorating.


love the highlights

Ombre....I had this done recently at THREE in Guelph. I LOVE this look as it works with both straight or curly hair (as a gal with naturally curly hair - see above- that really matters to me) and it also gives you a summery, beachy feel....like you've spent the summer in the sun as the ends get blonder and blonder...

Petite and pretty

ALREADY in the works...

I really like the look of a small, discrete and tasteful tattoo...I have 2 already and want one more....just have to decide what I want to get done.

Steve Madden - Miidori - Cognac

These Steve Madden boots are very, very close to a pair that I purchased at Browns on my last trip to Calgary. The colour goes with everything (Brown, Black, Grey etc), they are the perfect height (just below the knee) and the heel is just the perfect height for both comfort and style...

cutePinned Image

These 2 outfits are my 'go to' for weekends....boots, leggings/jeans, comfie cardi's, aviators and a scarf...you can go from running errands to meeting a friend for lunch and not feel over/under dressed in either situation.

Dreamy Whites

simple leather bag.

original in "new green"
These are definitely 2 of my staples....an over the shoulder bag to carry everything from my laptop, to items I pick up while shopping and to use for a day at the beach or as an overnight bag. Then of course...there are the Wellies...I absolutely LOVE mine...very practical, comfie and cute!

vintage beauty

Pinned Image

Vintage jewellery is also a staple of mine. Each piece is so unique and holds so much history.

 Scarves scarves scarves!


Perhaps one of my favorite 'go-to' staples is a scarf...they can be worn in so many ways, they are an easy way to add colour and texture to an outfit and they also bring a sense of elegant comfort with their flow and fluidity.


... let your light shine!

If there is one thing you remember...let it be this...


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