For the Love of Lonny!

Every month when I receive the email that the new issue of Lonny is live, I wish I could stop, put everything that's going on around me on hold and dive right into this amazing online magazine!
I LOVE this magazine!
To say that it is inspirational is the worlds biggest understatement! From fashion, to home decor, to restaurants, gift never ends! And.....what takes it even a step further is that it is interactive! Just click on the pages and the magazine links you to the website of the sources on the page...DOUBLE LOVE!!!
Here are some of my favs from the past few months...and if this little tease doesn't make you want to subscribe..well....I just don't know what to say/do!
December's issue is full of amazing gift ideas!!


November's issue has some amazing workspaces and drool worthy rustic decor!


The great outdoors was celebrated in the September issue...and the featured East Hamptom home is my dream...

So now that you can't wait to dive in just as much as I can't, get yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea, put on a fire, get a cozy blanket and curl up on the couch to look through the December issue....and all the archives too!!
Cheers to Lonny!

Some of my favorite ladies!

Some of these gals I know personally....and some I know via their Blogs, Instagram, Facebook etc...But... from our interactions and discussions, I feel like I know them personally and they are my long lost internet soulmates!
Steph is a good friend of mine from London. We're both Kinesiologists and work in the Rehab/Disability Management field full time, but we also have our 'part time' passions. Steph makes gorgeous cards, invitations and other paper products via her Etsy shop, A Paper Buffet. She has also recently opened a second Etsy store called, Knitley Road, where she offers her amazing felted wool and knitted products (I have the iPhone cozy and LOVE it!). Steph is also a very talented photographer and my avatar on Insta, Twitter and FB is a pic she took of me a few summers ago :)

Live Love and Laugh Happy Birthday Greeting Card

Felted cell phone cozy in brown and teal , smartphone case fits iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones

Lovely and Chic
When I moved into my new home just over a year ago, not only was I lucky enough to find a house I love but I also soon found out what a wonderful neighbourhood I had become a part of and Michele and her hubby are the best neighbours/friends a gal could ever ask for! Michele owns an incredible boutique in downtown Guelph called Blush and has a very loyal and devoted following of fashion conscious and stylish patrons! Everytime I walk into her shop, or even pull into my driveway (she has a shop-on-wheels called BOW that is every gals dream of a shoping experience!)...Michele's fantastic sense of style and grace are ever present!

Style 8

Design the Life You Want to Live
I would have to say that Lynne is my long lost internet soulmate! She and I have never met (we will someday soon), but her sense of humour, her outlook on life and her supportive nature remind me a lot of well as our like/love of G&Ts!
The other interesting tidbit about Lynne is that she lives about 45 minutes from my parents on an absolutely spectacular piece of property with a gorgeous home/pool and very, very cool treehouse! Her wonderful home and grounds were recently published in "Our Homes" magazine...definitely have a look!

In ground Pool built in an old barn stone foundation

Tree fort living

Heritage Row Reno
A&J are renovating a 1890s row house in St. John's and her pictures/blog make me want to pick up and move out there...or at least find a vacation getaway like theirs anyways! We have never met, but she won my 'Backyard Contest' this summer and through our interactions, her photos, her blog etc, I think that if we lived down the street from eachother, we'd be fast friends! We have a similar style, enjoy the same things like escaping to the water (in her case, she gets to go to the ocean to her cottage), the outdoors, DIYing....and...they have a Choc Lab!!!

Here are a few more ladies and their Blog's that I read/follow and offer me never ending inspiration:

Sashay - Meredith Heron
Made By Girl - Jen Ramos

Thanks again to these ladies for being part of my life in their own unique ways!



A Peak.... my style staples that help make! I tend to have a very comfortable and natural style...very similar to my decorating.


love the highlights

Ombre....I had this done recently at THREE in Guelph. I LOVE this look as it works with both straight or curly hair (as a gal with naturally curly hair - see above- that really matters to me) and it also gives you a summery, beachy you've spent the summer in the sun as the ends get blonder and blonder...

Petite and pretty

ALREADY in the works...

I really like the look of a small, discrete and tasteful tattoo...I have 2 already and want one more....just have to decide what I want to get done.

Steve Madden - Miidori - Cognac

These Steve Madden boots are very, very close to a pair that I purchased at Browns on my last trip to Calgary. The colour goes with everything (Brown, Black, Grey etc), they are the perfect height (just below the knee) and the heel is just the perfect height for both comfort and style...

cutePinned Image

These 2 outfits are my 'go to' for, leggings/jeans, comfie cardi's, aviators and a can go from running errands to meeting a friend for lunch and not feel over/under dressed in either situation.

Dreamy Whites

simple leather bag.

original in "new green"
These are definitely 2 of my over the shoulder bag to carry everything from my laptop, to items I pick up while shopping and to use for a day at the beach or as an overnight bag. Then of course...there are the Wellies...I absolutely LOVE mine...very practical, comfie and cute!

vintage beauty

Pinned Image

Vintage jewellery is also a staple of mine. Each piece is so unique and holds so much history.

 Scarves scarves scarves!


Perhaps one of my favorite 'go-to' staples is a scarf...they can be worn in so many ways, they are an easy way to add colour and texture to an outfit and they also bring a sense of elegant comfort with their flow and fluidity.


... let your light shine!

If there is one thing you remember...let it be this...


** - We're on Pinterest and quite a few of these images are from my Boards **