A New Old House...

I just recently re-activated my subscription to House Beautiful magazine (I really have to stop moving so much...I lose track of these things and had really been missing getting this magazine every month)....

My new issue arrived and let's just say, there is a kitchen in it (an no, it's not the Kitchen of the Year..though it is fantastic too) that had me absolutely drooling (if you have the new issue...keep an eye out for the copper pots).

I also follow House Beautiful on my Rustic Retrievals Facebook Page and noticed HB had posted the photo of the amazing soapstone sink in the room with the stable door (see below) and I just had to have a look at the rest of the house!

I'm sure glad I did!

The home, in Nashville Tennessee, is amazingly beautiful, airy and bright.....a fluid mix of rustic charm and southern beauty.

The following are a few of my favorite rooms and needless to say, I absolutely love this home!

Whether is was the amazing fixture/s in the staircase, the numerous soapstone sinks (LOVE how they have one double as a bar cooler), the gorgeous outdoor spaces, the immense walk-in closet, the modern stone fireplace or the kitchen that just begs you to entertain in it....every photo provides wonderful inspiration and perfectly illustrates the allure of this lovely home.


For the Love of Lonny!

Every month when I receive the email that the new issue of Lonny is live, I wish I could stop, put everything that's going on around me on hold and dive right into this amazing online magazine!
I LOVE this magazine!
To say that it is inspirational is the worlds biggest understatement! From fashion, to home decor, to restaurants, gift ideas....it never ends! And.....what takes it even a step further is that it is interactive! Just click on the pages and the magazine links you to the website of the sources on the page...DOUBLE LOVE!!!
Here are some of my favs from the past few months...and if this little tease doesn't make you want to subscribe..well....I just don't know what to say/do!
December's issue is full of amazing gift ideas!!


November's issue has some amazing workspaces and drool worthy rustic decor!


The great outdoors was celebrated in the September issue...and the featured East Hamptom home is my dream...

So now that you can't wait to dive in just as much as I can't, get yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea, put on a fire, get a cozy blanket and curl up on the couch to look through the December issue....and all the archives too!!
Cheers to Lonny!

Take a few moments...

When it rains...it monsoons!....My Aunt and I coined this phrase with everything going on in our lives lately....These past few years have 'tested'my family and other families around me beyond what I could ever imagine and have also made me ask..."Why do so many bad...horrible things happen to good...very good people?!"

We will persevere...we have persevered...and most importantly, we will continue to live our lives and make every single second count!

My Instagram page captures my life's moments...and believe me, I am living every moment! Here's a snapshot....

A New Day = A Gift

Some quiet time to look through House and Home magazine and fell in love with this Woodland Retreat!

I was also sharing my quiet time with this guy on the couch beside me...

"Be daring!"

The first snowfall....Charlie LOVED it!

Branches dusted with fresh snow.....

Saw this brooch wreath inspiration on Pinterest and there is also one on the cover of Chatelaine this month...and....

....with all of these baubles of my Great Aunt's, I will make my own! A great way to display sentimental jewellery this holiday season or even all year round!

Sunset...it had been a gorgeous, sunny Fall day....a perfect ending....

Take a few moments......go for a walk in the snow, curl up on the couch with a good book/magazine, surround yourself with things that inspire you and that you love....and most importantly...be daring and enjoy the gift you are given every day!