Open for visitors....

....The guest room that is!
I found this gorgeous twin bed at the Restore here in town. I had been wanting to do something "daybed-esqe" in the office/guest room due to size constraints. 
Bed Before - Boring Brown 
 Bed After - Fresh, Clean, Crisp White
Before and After....I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Then into the office it went to wait for the mattress to be delivered. The bed is going along the back wall, under the windows so you can lay in bed and have a great view of the trees, sky and local wildlife (ie. cardinals, squirrels, chipmunks etc).
The room gets great light, it's bright, airy and a great combo space of office and guest room. was time for pillows! I purchased the striped pillow at Urban Barn, already had the black script pillows from a store here in Guelph called Greengate Interiors and my Mom knit the front pillow cover for me (which I absolutely LOVE!!!)

Pillows....cozy blankets....sun streaming in.....

 And....voila!!! I have a very comfie and cozy guest bed!

The comforter is Ralph Lauren from Home Sense...a perfect linen/burlap look. The linens (which you can't see but are oh sooo comfie) are Gluckstein from Home Outfitters...and I believe the grey, furry blanket is from there too.

So...if you are ever in the Guelph area and need a place to rest your head....just let me know...we are now accepting reservations :)