Winter has returned!

As we continue to dig out from the most snow we've seen in a few years, I must say...I LOVE IT!

This is what winter should be...

As you can see, Charlie loves the snow too!!

I'm taking a break from shoveling and am having a look through the recent online issue of Lonny Mag. As I'm flipping through the pages, I have fallen in love with this Austrian Ski Lodge. I can just imagine coming back to this lodge after a day on the slopes, curling up on the couch under a fur blanket and enjoying a good book with a hot toddy! The heated year-round pool also looks super inviting to help ease aches and pains after a day of skiing (or, a day of shoveling as is the case here).

I hope you all are safe and warm. If you have the chance, get outside and enjoy this winter wonderland!