Just meant to be.....

A few weeks ago, I had posted the link to Dwell Studio's Calvin Leather Chairs on the RR FB page.

When I saw these tub chairs, I loved absolutely everything about them...their shape, their lines, their colour...everything! Then,... I noticed the price....not unreasonable whatsoever for such a timeless piece, but definitely out of my range.

I also realllly liked this version in the Glazed Linen fabric shown below!

So.....I happened to be out and about on Saturday with a good friend, checking out a new Flea Market in the area when......we stumbled upon these 2 'diamonds in the rough'............

Now I know they aren't EXACTLY like the Calvin chair, but when you remove the skirt, they're quite close! They're incredibly comfie (we did the 10 mins sit and chat test), they're in really good shape and best of all...they were only $20 each!!

As we were sitting there chatting, I got out my phone and went straight to the Tonic Living webpage to  see if I could find an upholstery weight fabric that I could cover them in. 
Needless to say, I would have had to have purchased about 20 chairs to re-upholster for all the fabric choices that I loved, but I was able to narrow it down to the option below....

It's called "Willow Storm" and it is a 'faux bois' pattern by Premier Prints.

Willow, Storm

Here's another view...

My friend and I had fallen for the chairs and when I posted their picture along with the fabric choice on my Instagram page, so did everyone else! The responses were all in complete agreement....GET THEM!!!

And this is where the story gets ever more interesting!

When I had been looking at the Calvin chairs, I had also noticed and really liked this Mallory Chair, also by Dwell Studio.

Again, it had great lines, it looked extremely comfortable,  I loved the exposed wooden legs and the Glazed Linen Pearl option below had me almost drooling!

So...on this same day of treasure hunting with my friend...what else did we happen to stumble upon?!?!

Wellll.....This!!!! (see below)

Another chair that was very, very close to the Mallory and again, after another 'sit and chat' test for comfort, I got it! Just like the other 2 chairs, it too was only $20, is in great shape and has fantastic lines!

On to the Tonic Living webpage we went again and found this.... This is called "Cameron Storm", a more rustic, hand drawn chevron design, also by Premier Prints.

Cameron, Storm

My friend and I were hooked, but I again turned to my Instagram followers and again received a resounding response to GET IT!!!

The only thing that concerned me was the actual re-uphostering....I had never done an entire chair before and thought these may be a little beyond my level of expertise until I had a bit more practice. As we were checking out, my friend and I were talking about this when the woman at the register said, "if you're looking for someone to redo your chairs, I know just the man and he's here right now".


She took us to one of the other booths and introduced us to this lovely gentleman who had a look at the 3 chairs, we came to an agreement on price for all 3 for his work, I left them there for him and as they say, the rest is history (until I get the fabric delivered and can get it to him that is)......

It was one of those days when everything just fell into place....and by my calculation, I'll have 3 'new' chairs for just less than $200 each!!! Talk about something being meant to be....

It really does 'pay' to shop local and support local artisans!