Small towns ARE the place to shop!

If you are a regular reader of my Blog, you know I'm a HUGE believer and supporter of shopping locally and supporting small businesses! I could name you a great lil shop, boutique or store in almost every small town listed on the map of Southern Ontario below. I love my road trips and finding these hidden gems, all within 1-2 hours of home!

My last post talked about some fabulous chairs I found a new a Market close to the small town where I grew up. I thought in this post I'd show you some more of the amazing offerings at this Market in Hanover, Ontario.

The first thing you saw when you walked into this vendor's shop was this Solid Oak Table set and China set...needless to say, I walked out with the table and the China (all for $100!!) Keep reading for the story behind the China set....

I loved how she displayed this collection of crystal S&P Shakers! I collect crystal candlesticks...maybe I should start a new collection!

I would have purchased every piece of glass in this display if I had a place for it at home...Milk glass, Amber glass, Emerald Glass, Crystal......

I was THIS CLOSE to getting the 2 Emerald Glass Candlesticks (Pantone's Colour for 2013) ...but..I left them behind for another day....If they're still there the next time I go, it'll be fate and I just might have to bring them home with me!

These Milk Glass vases/pedestal bowls with Floral Frogs caught my eye instantly! They would be perfect for wedding centerpieces or a Spring/Summer dinner party to help dress up the table! I just had to get one of the smaller ones (only $8.00!)

Then....there was this beauty! If I had an extra 100 sq feet, this would be sitting in my home as we speak! It was only $125 and in PERFECT, I could use it to display my new China!

Speaking of my new it is! I LOVE everything about it...the colours, the pattern, the gold edges...its is the quintessential rustic beauty! The name is perfect too..."Canadian Wheat".
The story behind the China set makes me smile.....and makes me believe that everything really does happen for a reason! I had seen this set at a shop called the Neustadt Mill in Neustadt, Ontario (just outside of Hanover). I himmed and hawwed about getting the set and ended up walking away without it...I went back again and the set was gone. I was disappointed, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason. 
So, as you can believe, when I walked in to that vendor's shop and saw the China...I was NOT going to leave without it! And, to make the story even better, she gave me an AMAZING deal on the's a complete set for 8 (short of one tea cup)...complete with serving pieces....I wasn't going to let it get away twice!

As Spring is slowly starting to appear.....I strongly recommend heading out on the highway and get out and explore the small towns in your never know what hidden gems you may find!!