Window Dressing...Not Required...

I've been looking through West Elm's FB page and noticed the number of round/circular windows they have been showcasing via other bloggers/websites.

bedroom with pivoting window in The Natural Home


I love the idea of a circular window and the somewhat unexpected line and aesthetic that it brings..

They are definitely a style of window that you would not want to cover up with any type of window dressing, so their application would likely be best in a room where privacy was not a concern.

I don't have a circular window in my home...but one that is very similar...I have a hexagon!

Autumn View

Winter View

It is found in my front entry way and its not a huge window by any just adds that little something else...something special to my lil cottage. 

Next time you're doing a reno, or even of you were considering an opening in the wall between two rooms...consider a unique shaped window....They add architectural interest and can stand on their own as a design element.


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