What a week..a great week :)

Or maybe I should say....what a month!

I have no idea where April went or how May 1st is next week.....

Life seems to get away from us sometimes, but this past Saturday I had the chance to put things on 'hold' and get together with my University Gal Pals here in Guelph. We had a great afternoon chatting, snacking, enjoying some vino...and just having a great time!

For the Gals' arrival, I had bought some tulips (just from the grocery store, nothing fancy) and became enamored with them (as evidenced by the photos below).

They still look great almost a week later.

Then, it was off to a 2 day conference in Simcoe with work. It was a chance to put our work on hold and let my co-workers and I get together from across the province for 2 days of sharing and learning.

We headed to Callahan's Beach House for dinner and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset, amazing fish and fantastic wine/spirits. 

The name just says it all..... ;)

This is going to be a busy weekend too...I'm doing the Spring Sprint for the Canadian Brain Tumour Foundation tomorrow, in memory of a great highschool friend.

What a week...what a great week!