Mom's Day...Every Day!

I'm a wee bit late in posting this, but we had such a great Mom's Day weekend, I just had to share some of the photos!

Love you Mom!!

Succulent in a tea cup for Mom!

The perfect 'directors chairs' for a beachy feel from Chat Noir in Guelph.

Indoor plants for my home to freshen things up... From Sweet Violets in Guelph.

Gorgeous Tulips from my parent's garden!

We did a road trip to some local stores like we always do.....We found the cutest yet glam tea set from Gay Lea in Teeswater! LOVE the GOLD LIP PRINTS!

Mom and I went for a drive which included this gorgeous country lane....we both commented on how it would be a perfect wedding setting!

Another view of the lane...

I'm lucky enough to live close enough to visit my parent's on a more regular basis, making it easier to have "Mom's Day" on a much more regular basis!